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2022 Final Standings

Updated: Feb 28, 2022


2/28: Correction in 34-NBA GOLD | Memphis Grizzlies finished 4-2; will be the #3 seed. Charlotte Hornets finished 3-3; will be the #4 seed.

Standings After Games Played on February 27th

Tiebreaker | Head-to-Head followed by Points Allowed

Below Standings are explanations for each division

TWO-TEAM Coaches | I did my very best to separate game times so that you could coach both of your teams. Depending on if you move forward in the playoffs, there could be some conflicts. Be sure to have an assistant on hand should you have games playing at or near the same time. My apologies. I did my best.


  • Mystics (2-4) are the #4 seed because they were part of the top four teams when the 34-WNBA shuffle took place a few weeks ago. Therefore, they stay in the No. 4 spot for the playoffs.


  • Due to the 34-NBA Gold Schedule shuffle a few weeks ago, the Warriors, Kings, Hornets, and Grizzlies secured the top four seeds. That is why the 4-2 Nets are the No. 5 seed and behind the 3-3 Hornets.

  • The Clippers, Wizards, and Heat all beat each other during the season. The Clippers earned the #8 seed due to allowing 168 points on the season. The Wizards allowed 170 points.


  • The Knicks (3-3) earned the final playoff spot thanks to regular season wins over the Spurs and Suns


  • The Bulls and the Lakers finished 6-1. They split their season series. So the second tiebreaker comes into play. The Bulls earn the top seed due to allowing 158 points (Lakers allowed 188 points).


  • The Wizards played most of the season in the Gold Division and were moved down to the Silver Division. Because of their time in the Gold Division and only being able to play one game in the Silver Division, they will be in the play-in game against the #4 Jazz.

  • The Kings earn the #1 seed. The Kings helped the league by agreeing to swap with the Wizards. It was determined that after one game played in the Gold Division, it made more sense to move the Kings back to the Silver Division. They are undefeated in the Silver Division with wins over the Bulls and Mavs. I promise there is a method to my madness.

  • There are four teams at 3-3 that will play in Consolation Games. Instead of doing 7 vs 8 and 5 vs. 6, the Heat will play the Warriors and the Grizzlies will play the Spurs because they haven't played each other yet this season.


  • The Celtics, Suns, and Kings all finished with 5-2 records. The Celtics earned the No. 2 seed thanks to their comeback win against the Suns earlier in the season. The Suns take the No. 3 spot due to their win over the Kings.

  • The Wizards, Bucks, and Bulls all finished with 2-5 records. Each of the teams beat each other, so the second tiebreaker earned a playoff spot for the Wizards (309 pts allowed) and Bucks (274 pts allowed). The Bulls allowed 357 points). The Wizards edged the Bucks thanks to their Overtime victory earlier in the season.

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