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Game Roster For Coaches

Game Roster
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Sub Grid Forms
3rd - 8th Grade 

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Substitution Grids
See below for guidlines and useful forms


3rd - 8th Grade

Grade Specific Rules Available at Bottom of the Page

Basketball Size

  • 3rd + 4th Grade | 27.5

  • 5th + 6th Grade Boys | 28.5

  • 5th/6th + 7th/8th Grade Girls | 28.5

  • 7th/8th Grade Boys | 29.5


Playing Time

  • Buzzardball Winter League is an ALL-PLAY League

  • Coaches are REQUIRED to follow the Player Sub Grid

  • Sub Grid is REQUIRED to be turned into the Site Director before the game starts


Game Length

  • 10:00 Quarters

  • Running Clock 

  • Stopped Clock for SUBS at halfway point of quarter, timeouts, and FINAL two minutes of the game (if lead is under 10 points)



  • Subs at 5:00 mark | not a TIMEOUT - Coaches must have next group ready

  • No subs occur during game play (except for injury + disqualification - see below)

  • Clock Operator will stop clock at 5:00 mark; Officials will signal for subs on dead ball whistle (letting a play in progress finish)

  • Site Director will confirm substitutions

  • If injury occurs, first player listed in next segment will sub for injured player

  • Each player is allowed FIVE (5) fouls; the first player listed in the next segment will sub for a disqualified player.



  • THREE (3) timeouts per game

  • Extra Timeout Awarded if game goes into OVERTIME


Free Throws

  • 1 Free Throw for TWO (2) points (or 3 on 3 ptrs) throughout game

  • Final 2:00 of game | Bonus occurs on 1st Foul (1 FT for 2)

  • No Team Fouls are recorded

  • If basket is made on foul, award AUTOMATIC point (no Free Throw)



  • No Double Teaming Outside of the Key

  • Double Team Allowed once player enters the Key

  • Man-to-Man Defense Only

  • 3rd + 4th Grade Divisions

    • No Press Allowed

    • Pick up on Defense at 10-Foot Line in Front Court

  • 5th/6th + 7th/8th Grade Divisions

    • Press Allowed in 4th Quarter

    • Pick up on Defense at Half-Court Line



  • 3:00 Length | Subs at 1:30 | Stopped Clock in Final 1:00

  • Players that started 4th Quarter start OVERTIME

  • 2nd OT is Sudden Death = First Team to score

  • Coach can choose Players for Sudden Death


Home Team

  • Wear WHITE jerseys | listed SECOND on the schedule

  • Sits to the RIGHT of the scoreboard

  • Warm Up on same basket  as bench

  • Provide volunteer for the SCOREBOARD

  • Provide GAME BALL


Visiting Team

  • Wear DARK jerseys | listed FIRST on the schedule

  • Sits to the LEFT of the scoreboard

  • Warm up on same basket as bench

  • Provide volunteer for the SCOREBOOK


Other Rules

  • Technical or Flagrant Fouls

    • Technical results in automatic TWO points and ball out of bounds

    • If a player is assessed a TECHNICAL FOUL, they will be removed from the game

    • If a coach is assessed a TECHNICAL FOUL,  they will need to coach from the bench for the remainder of the game.

  • Blowout Rule 

    •  If a team is leading by 20 or more points, the scoreboard will stop until the trailing team scores. 

    • Points will still be recorded in the scorebook even if they don’t show up on the scoreboard.

  • No Spread Offense Allowed



  • Officials from Hawkins Officiating are to be treated with respect at ALL times

  • No complaints should be directed at the official(s) during or after the game

  • No shouting out violations or complaints from the stands or the bench

  • Cooling-Off Period is 24 hours. After 24 hours have elapsed, you may e-mail Steve Buzzard at Please leave the details of the incident. The incident will then be shared with Hawkins Officiating Directors Steve Harank, Andrea Barber, and Jay Crawley. You will receive a response as soon as possible.


Site Directors

  • Site Directors will be at each of our game sites

  • Ensure that games are running on time

  • Collect Sub Grid Number Rosters before the game

  • Check Line-Ups before each segment

  • Assist Coaches in having Scoreboard + Scorebook duties occupied before the game starts.

  • Deal with any in-game incidents


K-2 Rules

Basketball Size

  • Kindergarten, 1st, + 2nd Grade | 27.5


Home Team 

  • Wear WHITE jersey | listed SECOND on schedule

  • Sits on RIGHT side | Warm-Up on same side

  • Provide GAME BALL


Away Team

  • Wear DARK jersey | listed FIRST on schedule

  • Sit on LEFT side | Warm-up on same side


Game Length

  • 8:00 Quarters | Running Clock | Subs at 4:00 mark | 2:00 Halftime


Match Up

  • Players match up at Center Court before the start of each segment

  • Players wear colored wristbands 

  • Man-to-man defense

  • Two darkest wristbands go to top players in the segment


Freeze Play

  • When official says FREEZE, all players freeze on the basketball court

  • Player with basketball can dribble into position to score

  • FROZEN players can turn toward the basket

  • Once the shot is taken, ALL players can UNFREEZE to get the rebound if the shot is missed


Sub Grid

  • Each player will be assigned a Sub Grid number

  • Sub Grids will be displayed by coaches above team bench


End of Game

  • Sportsmanship Line | Players form line and shake hands/give high-fives to opponent

  • Coaches will return wristbands to Site Director table.

  • Please clear the floor in order for the next game to start on time

  • ALL snacks should be distributed outside the gym


Water Bottles

  • CAP IT = Please have the kids put the caps back on their water bottle

  • Bins will be located at the end of each bench for the kids to place their water bottle in during the game.

  • Towels will be available for any spills that take place


Other Rules

  • 4-on-4 matchup due to smaller court | will transition to 5-on-5 on February 5th (Week 5)

  • No Score is kept

  • No STEALING the DRIBBLE | Players can steal the pass, block a shot, or grab a loose ball

  • No BACKCOURT defense = after ball is rebounded by opponent, team that becomes defense must retreat to backcourt | defense can start at half-court line

  • K-NBA and 1st-NBA Coaches are allowed to be on the floor during play to coach kids


Conduct Policies & Document Downloads


Coaching Tips


The HOME team will be in charge of the scoreboard while the AWAY team will be in charge of the scorebook. Below is tutorial video explaining how scorekeeping works for Buzzardball.

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