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Sacramento Kings

  since 2008  

It is the icing on the cake for our 3rd-8th Grade teams. At a designated date in March, Buzzardball will host its Championship Games at the Golden One Center. To make that happen our goal is simple -- buy 900 tickets or purchase $20,000 in sales amongst family and friends throughout the season to ensure the court time for our kids. There will be a Buzzardball Night with the Sacramento Kings set in place as well as access to discounted tickets for Kings games and other G1C events throughout the season. And even better, this opportunity can be shared with family and friends.

Jesuit High School

  since 2012  

Jesuit High School's gym will be the home for our 3rd-8th-NBA Boys Divisions. Jesuit High School is Buzzardball's title sponsor and as a member of the league, participants will be able to see Jesuit Basketball for FREE all season (exception Christian Brothers/Rio Americano). In addition, each player will receive a Jesuit Basketball t-shirt.

St. Francis High School

  since 2017  

In 2017, Buzzardball hosted its WNBA games at St. Francis. With rule changes in place for the school, we don't have SF as a site, but we LOVE the partnership as the school decided to stay on for the girls of the league. As part of the partnership, all participants will receive a St. Francis Basketball T-Shirt and will have access to home basketball games during the season.

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