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Here are the 2024 Dates for Buzzardball's Summer Camp as it enters it's 28th year
Testimonial - Meyer Family

Boys Hudson, Brock, and Mack all attended Buzzardball and listed these highlights from their experience

  • The Buzzarball Swag - The Headband

  • Competitive but not too competitive

  • New camp T-shirts each year and different

  • Jersey Day

  • The Low Rims during General Sessions

  • Great Assistant Coaches

  • Being with friends

  • Announcing Names

Now from Dad ... Chris Meyer

Most important is to see them speak of the camp with smiles, especially the older boys with joy and reverence in their eyes. I could genuinely see the smiles on their faces and them remembering the fun times.


Is there a price on that? 


This is the great unquantifiable. A memory for a child.  Think of the hundreds if not thousands of smiles you and this camp have brought to children (and their parents) in our community. It is simply unbelievable. What an amazing legacy to leave on the world, Coach.

Here is the Monday-Friday Camp Breakdown. Blueprint for success
Did you know that Buzzardball Assistant Coaches are available to drive campers to and from camp.
About Summer Camp


Buzzardball summer camps are weekly basketball camps available for boys and girls in Grades K-8. This has been the most popular camp offered by Buzzardball. Each week is built on fun and age-related basketball activities that culminate with the ALL-STAR Thursday and Friday competitions. Young campers and beginners will learn the basics while older kids will enhance their skill set, but also have the opportunity to serve as mentors to the youngsters.

For Every Kid!

This camp is available for Boys and Girls in Grades Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. This is a great introduction to basketball and the Buzzardball experience. Not only will the campers learn the basic skills (dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding, and defense), but this camp is built around keeping everything FUN and SAFE.

This camp is available for Boys and Girls in Grades 4th-8th Grade. This week was designed for the more serious basketball player. The fun doesn't go away, but the activities are based around just playing the game of basketball. That involves several individual and team competitions using the different basketball skill sets. This week also features 2 v 2, 3 v 3, and 4 v 4 mini tournaments.

This camp is available for Girls in Grades K-8. This week was designed for just the girls. When it was introduced in 2005, this was the most popular camp during the summer. I have said it many times, but girls are great to coach. Their attitudes and ability to have a great time makes this week very special. I am expecting this week to sell out this summer.

Week Breakdown


  • Introductions

  • Skill work using games

  • Jump Rope

  • All Campers Receive a camp t-shirt 

  • Introduce Scrimmages (3 vs. 3) using Buzzardball rules


  • Photo Day

  • More Skill Work using games like Solar System, Around the World, and Texas Shootout.

  • Jump Rope | 60 Seconds

  • Hot Corners Scrimmage | 4 vs. 4


  • All-Star Rosters announced

  • Team competitions

  • Sign up for ASTH Events

  • Practice team events

  • Scrimmages using teams

ALL-STAR Thursday


  • Team Events include 4-3-2-1 and Chaos

  • All-Star Scrimmages

  • Photos are available for campers to take home (Camp Photo, Sibling, Friend Photos)


  • Basketball Tournament. All teams guaranteed TWO (2) games

  • Semifinal | 1 vs. 4 | 2 vs. 3

  • Consolation + Championship

  • Post-Game Festivities including Yo-Yo Yogurt for ALL campers

...and more!!!
  • Big Intro

  • Daily Stretching and Warm-Ups

  • Small-Sided Competitions Using Basketball Skills

  • Daily Snack

  • Red Licorice

  • Instagram Story Updates

  • Buzzardball Headbands for ASF Winners

  • Fathead Giveaways - each summer Fatheads are purchased of some of the top players in the NBA. During our Big Kids Camps, the Fatheads are given away in a drawing amongst the campers

  • Hall of Fame Introductions - this happens for graduating 8th Graders who have gone to Buzzardball over the course of their childhood

  • Don’t be surprised if a game of KICKBALL or DODGEBALL breaks out in camp.


$275 General | 1st Time Campers 

  • Applies to First-Time Buzzardball Campers attending General Sessions.

  • Beyond your child’s first session, they instantly become a Veteran

$225 General | Veteran

  • If you participated in the 2024 Winter League or any year of Buzzardball Summer Camp, this rate is a way of saying THANK YOU for your support. Applies to General Sessions

$275 Mini | Fixed Price

$225 Big Kids + All Girls | Fixed Price

Note: If you have a PK-3rd Grader who wants to attend a GENERAL session and you are a Buzzardball Veteran, then you are open to the $225 registration

Registration Includes
  • Traditional Buzzardball T-Shirt - 2023 Theme

  • Year #27 Celebrates SAN DIEGO 

  • Camp Photo | Group, Individual, Friends, Sibling

  • Daily Snacks

  • All-Star Thursday/Friday Festivities

  • A Complete Youth Basketball Experience

  • Infusion of Life Skills

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if I don't have or want to use PayPal for payment?

    • When you get to the end of your registration, there is a link at the bottom of the PayPal page that will allow you to use your debit or credit card​

    • You can also use Venmo at SCBUZZARD

  • Can my child attend ALL DAY (both AM+PM)?

    • Yes! If your child attends both sessions, make sure to register for both AM + PM sessions

    • Send a lunch with your child. We will have coaches on hand to eat lunch with the kids during the hour break between sessions


100 Steve Buzzard 28.png


Buzzardball Director

Steve Buzzard is entering his 28th year as director of Buzzardball's Summer Hoop Camp. In 1994, the camp was instituted as a summer program that featured a total of 30 kids over a four-week period. Last summer, the Buzzardball reached new heights by offering morning and afternoon camps over a span of 10 weeks from June to August. Just over 900 campers attended Buzzardball last summer. In 2023, the numbers for Sacramento's Complete Youth Basketball Experience continue to rise as well over 1000 kids will attend Buzzardball. Buzzardball offers something unique to the youth sports camp experience and Buzzard along with his staff love being a part of your child's summer!

To learn more about Steve, please visit

102 Toph Buzzard 10.png


Assistant Director

This is Toph's fourth year as Buzzardball's Assistant Director. After marrying his wife Bailey in 2019, Toph and Bailey are now parents to Peyton who was born on July 3rd, 2022. Toph graduated from Jesuit High School in 2014 and Azusa Pacific in 2018. He and his family now live in Roseville. Toph took over for dad at St. Michael's as he will enter his fourth year as the PK-4th Grade P.E. teacher, intramural director, and assistant athletic director.

101 Max Buzzard 12.png


Assistant Director

Max knows Buzzardball inside and out. Since he was five years old, Max was a camper and now is entering his 11th year on the coaching staff. In addition, Max now serves as an assistant director. Max graduated from Granite Bay High School and was able to have an incredible college journey at Oregon State, American River College, Humboldt State, and a semester in Italy. He is well rounded and a true asset to the program. He currently is the Athletic Director and PK-8th Grade P.E. Teacher at Sacred Heart Parish School in Sacramento.

103 Dylan Lillie 7.png



Everyone loves the energy of Dylan Lillie. He brings it every day. While Dylan was more of a participant in Buzzardball's Winter League as a kid, Dylan is a great fit for the Coaching Staff simply because of his energy. Dylan graduated from El Camino High School where he played on the Varsity Basketball Team and he currently will be entering his fourth year as a staff member at St. Michael's Episcopal Day School in Carmichael.

109 Rileigh Buzzard 4.png



Rileigh is a BIG part of the Buzzardball Family. While her brothers Toph and Max were mainstays in Buzzardball as kids, Rileigh also had her moments as a camper and participant in the Winter League. Buzzard is the camp's SOCIAL MEDIA director and does a phenomenal job keeping families up to speed on our Instagram page (@buzzardballhoops). Rileigh graduated from Rio Americano High School in 2019. She currently attends Saramento State University and works in the preschool program at Our Lady of the Assumption in Carmichael.

106 Vincent Micheli 6.png



We love having Vincent on the Buzzardball Coaching Staff. A long-time participant in both the Summer Camp and Winter League as a youth, Micheli is a hard worker and is terrific with the campers. He graduated from Jesuit High School in 2021 and in his SENIOR year at Champman University.

107 Cole Kaeser 5.png



Cole is on the Buzzardball list of Blue Print Campers. A very talented athlete, Cole understood what Buzzardball was all about. He, along with others on the staff, is a member of the Buzzardball Hall of Fame. Cole graduated from Rio Americano High School where he played baseball and currently will be entering his SENIOR year at the University of Oklahoma.

108 Eric Engh 5.png



Eric is also on the Buzzardball list of Blue Print Campers. Eric, along with his younger brother Ian, were mainstays at Buzzardball during the summer and winter. It's safe to say that Eric knows the Buzzardball program very well. And that has translated into Eric being a great coach! Eric graduated from Rio Americano High School where he played basketball. Eric currently will be entering his second year at San Diego State University.

110 Grace Boyle 3.png



Grace represents something special. She never participated in Buzzardball. Yet, she is invaluable to our coaching staff at Buzzardball. Grace graduated from St. Francis High School in 2021 and is now in her third year at the University of Arizona.

105 Michael Chambers 5.png



Michael Chambers is a great asset to the Buzzardball Coaching Staff. As a camper, he is part of the Buzzardball Hall of Fame. He knows Buzzardball! Michael graduated from Jesuit High School and will currently be entering his SENIOR year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he runs cross country for the school.

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