Week 13 Practices | Feb 28th - March 5th
Season Finale + Playoffs | March 6th
ChamBuzzardball Championship Sunday | March 13th @ Golden One Center

NBA Playoff Schedules
3rd - 8th Grade | Sunday March 6th

2/28 | Correction in 34-NBA GOLD


WNBA Playoff Schedules
3rd - 8th Grade | Sunday March 6th

3/2 | 34-WNBA Games will be played at ARDEN MIDDLE SCHOOL This Sunday


K-NBA Game Schedules
K - 2nd Grade


Buzzardball Practice Schedule
Sport Courts Fitness

Buzzardball Practice Schedule
Church of God | Sierra Oaks | Northridge | Touch Shooting


Day-By-Day Schedules
Buzzardball | 93 Teams

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Practice + Game Site LOCATIONS

Sports Courts Fitness

3727 Bradview Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95827

Practice Location

  1. ​Please limit the number of spectators and keep all halls and entrances clear.

  2. Sport Courts Fitness Check-In: Please check-in at the front desk

  3. Food/Gum are not permitted in the facility. Only water and/or Gatorade in containers with lids.

  4. Please notify staff of any spill.

  5. No dunking on lowered hoops

  6. No black soles shoes are allowed on the courts

  7. No chairs are allowed on the courts, we have cones upon request

  8. Individuals are permitted to rented court only

  9. Children must be supervised at all times.

  10. Clean up any trash/bottles (trash/recyclable bins throughout the facility).

  11. Workout equipment is for members only

  12. To encourage health and wellness we are waiving initiation fees for all Buzzardball families. This gives individuals the ability to work out while the practice is going on.

Touch Shooting Facility

11327 Folsom Blvd

Rancho Cordova, Ca 95670 Suite 180

Game + Practice Facility
56-NBA Gold

  1. Home to Saturday practices featuring our K-2 teams

  2. Formerly known as the Sky High Facility

  3. Can see the facility off Highway 50

  4. Big Thank You to Michelle Anderson for the referral and Touch Shooting Facility Owners Ryan Sykens + Sunny Ransom for allowing us to practice.

  5. GAME DAYS | No Food or Drink Allowed Inside the Facility. Water bottles are allowed.

  6. 56-NBA Gold (Boys) will play at TOUCH SHOOTING

El Camino High School

4300 El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821

Game Site | 34-WNBA + 56-NBA Silver + K-2 NBA

  1. NEW to Buzzardball!

  2. We will be using both the LARGE and SMALL gym for games this season.

  3. 34-WNBA and 56-NBA Silver will play in the MAIN GYM

  4. K-2 NBA will play in the AUXILIARY GYM

Arden Junior High

1640 Watt Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95864

Game Site | 34-NBA Silver

  1. This is Buzzardball's 3rd year at Arden Junior High

  2. 34-NBA Silver (Boys) will play at Arden Junior High

Jesuit High School

1200 Jacob Ln.
Carmichael, CA 95608

Game Site | 56-NBA + 78-NBA

  1. For the 9th year, Jesuit will be one of the game sites for our 3rd-8th Grade Boys

  2. We will have selected dates during the season with games at 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00 a.m.

  3. Jesuit dates include January 23rd (78-NBA), January 30th (56-NBA Gold), and March 6th (Playoffs)

First Church of God

4400 58th St
Sacramento, CA 95820

Practice Location

  1. Thank you to Eric Dinaburg for the referral and to Don Roberson who will be managing the facility throughout the season

  2. Basketball extensions will be available for K-2 teams. The extensions attach to the basket and allow the kids to practice on an 8-foot hoop.

Northridge Elementary

5150 Cocoa Palm Way

Fair Oaks (off Sunrise Blvd)

Practice Facility

  1. Home to Monday-Saturday practices for 3rd-8th Grade teams

  2.  THANK YOU to Principal and Buzzardball Parent Petra Luhrsen

Sierra Oaks Elementary

171 Mills Road

Sacramento, CA 95864

Practice Facility

  1. Thank you to Shawn Steck for getting us set up to practice at Sierra Oaks.

  2. Basketball extensions will be available for K-2 teams. The extensions attach to the basket and allow the kids to practice on an 8-foot hoop.

  3. Big thank you to Joe Carroll for donating the two basketball extensions for practice at Sierra Oaks.

Rio Americano High School

4540 American River Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95864

Game Site | 56-WNBA, 78-WNBA, + 78-NBA

  1. One of our original game sites from Year ONE!

  2. Will be able to have games in both the MAIN + AUXILIARY gym

  3. 56-WNBA, 78-WNBA, and 78-NBA will play in the MAIN GYM

  4. 34-NBA Gold (Boys) will play in the AUXILIARY GYM