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BUZZARDBALL Championships Livestream!

Buzzardball is centered around providing the most complete YOUTH SPORTS experience for kids and their families in the Greater Northern California area. We are always looking for ways to enhance that experience and let's just say we are proud to announce that this year's championship games will be available via livestream.

Imagine this. Grandma and Grandpa live in Madison, Wisconsin. They can't make the trip to Sacramento to see their grandson play. But now that has all changed. ESPN 73? Call it what you will. We are bringing the Buzzardball Championships to life.

On the call, you will have the trio of Steve, Toph, and Max Buzzard, along with Dylan Lillie rotating throughout the day. Michael Knobbe will be our engineer and producer. And of course, this is not made possible without our three amazing sponsors who stepped up to help us make this happen.

Those of you that are local ... we would love to see you in person at Golden One Center. It's FREE admission. Otherwise, be sure to tune in this Sunday!



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