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TOUCH SHOOTING | Buzzardball Practice Facility

We are happy to announce Buzzardball's partnership with Touch Shooting Basketball. We will be holding Saturday practices at Touch and hosting regular season games starting in January 2022. Beautiful facility. Run by Ryan + Sunny! Check it out for yourself. And if you are looking for extra basketball instruction, I would highly recommend Touch Shooting!


New Student Special:

Click Here: Registration We are so happy to be able to be back running at full capacity. It wouldn't be possible without your support! For New Students we offer a Two Class Trial for only $20. This will give the opportunity to get a great feel for our coaching style, philosophy and culture we have at Touch. From there we can collective come up with best plan of action to help the student reach their goals. Click Here: Registration

Returning Students:

  • RETURNING STUDENTS: Please reach out to our director of operations Sunny at (310) 663-9451 or REPLY to this email to get locked in to our schedule.

  • If you have any questions or concerns please reach out by phone or Email. You can also find more information at



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