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Live Stream on Mixlr App | Championship Sunday

When I started Buzzardball I envisioned it being a COMPLETE YOUTH BASKETBALL EXPERIENCE. At the forefront is teaching LIFE SKILLS through basketball. Right behind that is making your child's youth basketball experience similar to the NBA or WNBA! Team names, Standings, Headlines, High Scorers, Championships at Golden One Center and this year ... live broadcast of all the games on Championship Sunday.

That's right ... we are broadcasting every game and it's easy for you, family, friends, and anyone who lives on Planet Earth to tune in.

IT'S EASY. Are you ready?

Download the FREE MixLR App and click any of the links below to tune in.

I used this during our All-Star Friday festivities for summer camp a few years ago. It was a BIG hit. The games will be broadcasted by either myself or my son and assistant director Toph Buzzard. We look forward to bringing you the live action!



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