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Hawkins Officiating | Zero Tolerance Policy

Buzzardball is very fortunate to have an amazing partnership with our friends at Hawkins Officiating. It's a partnership that has lasted well over 10 years. Directors Steve Harank, Andrea Barber, and Jay Crawley have provided officials for Buzzardball games and have expressed how much they enjoy being a part of Buzzardball. One reason is the positive culture that is in place with our coaches, players, and spectators.

As you know ... officials have been dwindling in number of all sports mainly because of the abuse that has taken place with coaches, players, and spectators. Fortunately at Buzzardball, we have created a culture where the officials are a part of the Buzzardball family. These officials, who work all sports for junior high, high school, and college, love coming to Buzzardball.

As a protection for the officials, we have three things in place

  1. Fan Behavior Policy

  2. Coach's Conduct Form

  3. Hawkins Officiating Zero Tolerance Policy (NEW! This Season)

Please review. Any questions, contact Buzzardball Director Steve Buzzard at 916-947-7464 (text is best) or Buzzardball was designed to be a positive youth sports experience for the kids + families in our area. Buzzardball appreciates you being a part of the Buzzardball family. IT'S ABOUT THE KIDS! ALWAYS!



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