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  • Stephen Buzzard


Date and Times are now set for the 2022 Buzzardball Championships to be played on Sunday March 13th at Golden One Center. Hosting the championship games for the Boys (NBA) and Girls (WNBA) divisions for our 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th happened as a result of you the families and our sponsors to achieve over $20,000 in ticket sales for Sacramento Kings games and Golden One Center Events.

BIG THANK YOU TO OUR 11 AMAZING SPONSORS who were responsible for 65% of the total needed to play our games at G1C. This sponsorship is unique because the money spent by the sponsors went toward the purchase of tickets that also equated to credit toward achieving our 20K goal.

SPONSOR PAGE | Support These Small Businesses

Details regarding what will happen for teams playing in the game as well as the Buzzardball community, outside family, and friends who would like to attend Championship Sunday, will be coming soon.

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