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Buzzardball | The Importance of Coaching

Buzzardball prides itself on providing a positive culture for the players, officials, and families, the ability to keep the "Main Thing" the main thing, which is ALWAYS the KIDS. The bigger picture beyond basketball is more important than the wins and losses. As a coach in Buzzardball, you are an important piece to ensuring the success for the kids who participate.

Coaches can make or break it for a kid. Buzzardball is about creating lasting positive memories for kids. Life skills are in play. As a coach, you set the tone from the moment you welcome your team, your practices, and your attitude before, during, and after the game.

Buzzardball is always working hard to be the blueprint for how youth sports organizations should be run. That is why having resources at your fingertips and understanding what is behind what is expected of a coach in Buzzardball is at the forefront.


  1. THE OFFICIALS of HAWKINS OFFICIATING | The officials are a part of the Buzzardball family. It is important that we maintain a positive relationship with the men and women who officiate Buzzardball. We are one of the rare rec leagues that Hawkins takes on as a client. The main reason is the positive environment that we create during games. We would never want to lose their services and have to officiate the games ourselves

  2. THE SITE DIRECTORS | Buzzardball site directors are on hand to make sure that games flow and stay on time. During the game, they are available to assist with the scoreboard operator or scorekeeper. They are also there to answer any questions from the officials and you the coaches. They are also on hand to make sure that the rules of Buzzardball rules are being followed as they relate to the Sub Grids and general rules of the game.

  3. THE PLAYERS (The Most Important) | Being a coach is a privilege where you have a chance to make a lasting impression on the kids who play for you. Always remember that. Be the coach that creates positive memories that kids today will tell their kids as adults.


These forms can also be found in the Rules + Sub Grid section of

2023 Coach Conduct
Download PDF • 697KB

Hawkins Officiating Zero Tolerance
Download PDF • 109KB

2023 Fan Behavior
Download PDF • 542KB

EXPERIENCE THE BUZZ PODCAST | I host a podcast in which I have had the opportunity to interview John Sullivan and Andrea Barber. Two great episodes that target youth sports and the world of officiating. I invite you to take a listen

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