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Buzzardball | The Importance of a Positive Athletic Experience for our Kids

I am PASSIONATE when it comes to Kids. I have had the honor of being the Director

of Buzzardball for 27 years. I was a P.E. teacher for 26 years. Both experiences have made me a better husband, father, coach and human being. Buzzardball was built on providing a positive youth sports experience for your kids. With the Winter Basketball League, there are a lot of components. Volunteer coaches, Site Directors, Officials, Family and Friends as spectators. But the most important is OUR KIDS. Together we are the Buzzardball Family!

As we enter the last few weeks of the basketball season, playoffs are just around the corner. I encourage you to check out John O' Sullivan, who is the director of the Changing the Game Project. The mission of the Changing the Game Project is to ensure that we return youth sports to our children, and put the 'play' back in 'play ball.' O'Sullivan, who is the author of two books, hosts a podcast called "Way of Champions." Why do I bring this up? Because it matters. I want to provide important and insightful resources that help remind each of us of the importance of preserving our child's youth sports experience.

Here is a little peek inside to an amazing podcast/blog that outlines ways in which parents can suck the joy out of sports, and a breakdown of the six things often loving parents and coaches do that lead kids to quit, burnout and dropout.

  • Parent Sideline Coaching

  • Joystick coaching/yelling instructions from the sidelines

  • Disrespecting officials

  • Questioning the coach

  • Commenting on teammates play

  • The Ride Home

Let's keep the JOY in the experience and work together to keep it positive

Experience the Buzz Podcast with John O'Sullivan - Audio | YouTube (Video)

Here is my discussion with John. Very insightful and a terrific conversation.



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