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2022 Updated Photo Day Schedule

  • NEW! If you would like to do a SIBLING, BUDDY, or Parent/Child Photo, fill out a photo form and issue it to the photographers when your child's team lines up. Here is the BUDDY PHOTO FORM that you can download, fill out and turn in on Sunday. SPECTRUM PHOTOGRAPHY BUDDY PHOTO FORM

  • Attached is the Photo Day Schedule for Buzzardball scheduled for Sunday February 13th at Rio Americano's Main Gym.

  • As part of your registration, EVERY FAMILY receives the BASIC PHOTO PACKAGE ($7 value)

  • Every family should have received a photo form last Sunday (1/27). If you are ok with the BASIC PHOTO PACKAGE, you do not have to fill out the form. You will just show up. If you want that life-size poster, bobblehead, or extra photos of your child, then you will complete the form and send with your child on Photo Day. Please include payment. The forms will be collected when the team lines up for photos and handed to your photographer.

  • THANK YOU to Spectrum Photography. I have lost count how many years they have been with us. Professional. Efficient. And very good at what they do.



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