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Drivers and Babysitters

Back for the third straight year... DRIVERS and/or BABYSITTERS are available for you working parents who want to send your child to Buzzardball this summer. 

1. The Buzzardball coaches listed below can drive your child(ren) to and from camp.

2. Or drive your child one-way from camp to home or an afternoon camp.

3. Babysitting available upon request. 

1. Use the coach's contact information to make arrangements. Payment can be discussed with the coach you choose to drive and/or babysit.

MAX BUZZARD | 916-947-0197 |

CADE JOHNSON | 916-747-0974 |

RILEIGH BUZZARD (Available to Babysit) | 916-606-3293

DYLAN LILLIE | 916-979-2640 |

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