Create a WIN-WIN for your BUSINESS

* ALL Sponsorship Money goes toward the purchase of Sacramento Kings Tickets for your business. 

* HOW DOES IT HELP THE LEAGUE? Goes toward our goal total to earn court time for our Championship Games in March for 3rd-8th Grade.

* HOW DOES IT HELP YOU? Two-fold. 1. You are now a sponsor of Buzzardball and I will work directly with you to maximize your sponsorship. 2. You now have Kings tickets that you can use for family, friends, and clients.

* We have $2500, $1000, $500, and $250 Sponsorship Packages Available

* Contact Steve Buzzard at 916-947-7464 or to become a sponsor. Over 700 kids expected to play this season. That means a lot of families with their eyes on your business.

Our 2017-18 Sponsors

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