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“For me, Buzzardball was and still is something I look forward to being a part of every year because of the friendly and welcoming environment as well as my love for basketball. My first time playing organized basketball was in Buzzardball and it was the perfect way to build fundamentals of the game while having the best time.”
— Assistant Coach Jake Harouni (Rio Americano High School Class of 2019) | long-time participant of Buzzardball Winter League and Site Director for K-2 League
“What I have really liked about Buzzardball is that is competitive to a certain level yet fun with not as much pressure as some other sports. I liked the sense of community and the chance to make life long friends. I played with some of the same kids every year, and we have such fun memories!”
— Assistant Coach Trey Schlingmann (Senior at Rio Americano High School; long time participant in the Winter Basketball League)
“ Buzzardball is my foundation. It’s where I learned to love basketball and it’s always been part of who I am. This camp has done more for me than any school class or lesson ever could.”
— Assistant Coach Dylan Lillie (El Camino High School Class of 2019)
“ I have looked forward to Buzzardball every summer for the longest I can remember. I always asked my mom, “How many camps can i go to of Buzzardball this year?” Steve Buzzard is truly the best coach/friend a guy could have.”
— Assistant Coach Ryan Bigelow (Senior at Jesuit H.S.; also a camper since he was in Pre-K)
“ Buzzardball was my introduction into the sport of basketball, and it was perfect for me. It is an incredibly supportive program that prioritizes enjoyment and building character in the individual player. There is never any negative pressure nor limits on anyone, and it is a great environment to just play ball and have fun!”
— Assistant Coach Zachary Gonzalez | Sophomore at Seattle University; long-time participant during Buzzardball Summer Camp and Winter League