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2023 Championship Preview

HEADLINE | Divisions Top Two Scorers Face Off for the 34-WNBA Title

SKY Tale of the Tape

  • Only loss was to the Dallas Wings on February 5th

  • Defeated the Monarchs 20-10 in the Season Opener

  • Emilia Filippini has been the team's leading scorer in every game, reached double digits in nine of 10 games, and was Buzzardball's co-leader in points with 107 points on the season.

  • Other player to watch is Penelope Rodriguez

  • Coach Nate Solov will also be coaching the 56-NBA Dallas Mavericks in a title game

MONARCHS Tale of the Tape

  • Entered the playoffs as the #5 seed. Received a game-winning basket from Ella Richards in a 20-19 victory to reach the semifinals against the #8 seeded LA Sparks (won 26-22)

  • Ella Richards shared season scoring honors with Emilia Filippini scoring 107 points. Richards was the leading scorer in every game except one this season.

  • Other player to watch is Stacey Wu, who stepped up big in the playoffs with 8 and 18 points in the two playoff victories.

  • Monarchs are coached by the husband-wife combo of David + Julie Richards. David also coached the 56-NBA Silver Runner-Up Sacramento Kings

HEADLINE | Liberty Try to Repeat While Aces Ride the Wave of Elise Vipond

LIBERTY Tale of the Tape

  • Defeated Los Angeles Sparks 37-21 to reach the Championship Game

  • This is the second straight appearance by the Liberty in the Title Game at G1C. Liberty are coached by Chris Unzueta, Mark Augusta, and Greg Skubal.

  • Lost to the Aces 29-20 during the regular season.

  • Brianna Petersen is the team's leading scorer on the season with 50 points

  • Other players to watch include Bridget Beard and Sloane Street

ACES Tale of the Tape

  • Defeated the No. 2 seeded Atlanta Dream 42-24 behind Elise Vipond's season-high 31 points.

  • Vipond has been the story in the 56-WNBA, leading the division in scoring with 106 points (missed two games). Vipond scored over 20 points in five games this season.

  • This is Coach David Bristol's first trip to a Buzzardball Championship.

HEADLINE | The Aces Knew From Day One That They Would be Playing at G1C

ACES Tale of the Tape

  • Kudos to these 15 girls who have played all season with rotating rosters.

  • Big THANK YOU to coaches to Steve Gill and Julie Leopold who have done a great job with the group of girls.

  • Excited to see who the coaches roll out for the championship rosters

  • So many players to watch | Leading scorers Taylor Stake (76 pts), Shea Leopold (73), and Audrey French (70).

HEADLINE | 34-NBA Championship Will Give us a Great 1-2 Matchup

KINGS Tale of the Tape

  • Defeated Golden State Warriors to reach the Championship Game.

  • Only loss was a 28-26 OT defeat in Week 2 versus the Oklahoma City Thunder. Since then, the Kings are currently on a SEVEN-game winning streak

  • Travis Vipond was the division's leading scorer with 117 points. Vipond led his team in scoring in every game he played.

  • Defeated the Boston Celtics 36-22 during the regular season.

  • Other player to watch is Luca Lettini (55 points on the season).

  • Coached by Brandon Laird, who I mistakingly thought was the former coach of the Sac State Hornets and now currently on the staff with UC Davis.

CELTICS Tale of the Tape

  • Defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 32-27 to reach the Championship Game.

  • The Celtics started the season 5-0 before dropping their final two games of the season to the Kings and Grizzlies. Great bounce back in the playoffs

  • Celtics had one of the most exciting games of the regular season thanks to a game-winner by Julius Kendrick in a 25-24 win over Memphis.

  • Celtics have balance with Zeppelin Miner (44 pts), Brooklyn Cole (41), Rocco Learson (41), and Cai Cole (34).

  • Coached by first-time Buzzardball coaches Caleb Cole + Demaris Learson

HEADLINE | 56-NBA Mavericks Are One Step Away from a Perfect Season

MAVERICKS Tale of the Tape

  • The Dallas Mavericks are the only team with an undefeated record

  • The Mavericks have been an offensive juggernaut, scoring at least 48 points in each game this season.

  • Strummer Beckett (105 pts) and Luke Buri (71) were the No. 2 and 3 scorers in the 56-NBA Division this season.

  • Defeated the Lakers twice during the regular season

  • Other players to watch: Wesley Gonsalves, Dylan Archie, and Carter Shafizadeh

LAKERS Tale of the Tape

  • Defeated the Boston Celtics 46-26 to reach the Championship Game.

  • Feature the 56-NBA Division leading scorer Luke Ehlers. Ehlers was the leading scorer amongst all players in Buzzardball with 212 points. Ehlers has had three games over 30 points and scored a league-best 45 points in a Week 2 victory over the Orlando Magic.

  • Kyle Schenk is also a top scorer with 52 points. Schenk and Ehlers were teammates last season.

  • Lakers are coached by Josh Ehlers, making his first appearance at G1C.

HEADLINE | Saving the Best for Last

LAKERS Tale of the Tape

  • The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 56-36 in the semifinal to reach the Buzzardball Championship

  • The Lakers have been an offensive juggernaut in the 78-NBA, scoring at least 48 points in each game this season.

  • Only loss of the season came at the hands of their opponent, the New York Knicks, 56-48.

  • The Lakers had the No, 2, 3, and 5 scorers in the division with Myles Archie (144 pts), Jonah Chapman (111), and Aaron Taylor (89).

  • Fun fact: This team was put together by 8th Grader Justin Lawson

  • Fun fact 2: The team is coached by some guys who know basketball ... Sterling Royal (who runs the 916 Basketball Academy) and Devean George, who played 11 seasons in the NBA

KNICKS Tale of the Tape

  • Defeated the Charlotte Hornets 59-45 to reach the Championship Game.

  • Feature the 78-NBA Division leading scorer Greg Du Fosee with 161 points. Du Fosee scored at least 21 points in every game he played, including a season-high 35 in the regular season finale against the Hornets.

  • Beat the Lakers 56-48 during the regular season. Du Fosee (24) and Lipp (19) led the way in the victory.

  • Other players to watch include Parker Lipp (68 pts), Jason Reiser (61), and Elias Augusta (57)

  • Lakers are coached by Phil Reiser, who won the Buzzardball Championship last season with the Charlotte Hornets.



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