1. LIFE SKILLS | This is at the top of the list. Your child will learn about sportsmanship, gamesmanship, respect, being a good teammate, being a leader, as well as many others. I care more about who they are when they step outside the gym.

2. COACHING STAFF | This amazing group of individuals keep the day fun and positive. 90 percent of the staff were Buzzardball campers in their childhood.

3. MUSIC | We include music with everything we do. Makes a BIG difference

4. SNACKS | Red Licorice, Gatorade Giveaway, and the BIG BREAK (15-minute break in the third hour) are staples at Buzzardball

5. NOTHING TO DO WITH BASKETBALL | At Buzzardball, don't be surprised if a game of Dodgeball, Noodle Monster Tag, or Kickball breaks out.

6. ALL-STAR THURSDAY AND FRIDAY | This is the best two-day competition in the area. Full of individual and team competition, everyone will be a part of the fun. Prizes, pictures and the quest for the BUZZARDBALL headband.

7. NBA TOUCH | Because of my background in broadcast journalism and nine years with the Sacramento Kings, I put special touches on the experience. Write-ups, interviews, player introductions, play-by-play are an extra pop to the BUZZARDBALL experience.


BUZZARDBALL HIGHLIGHTS | What exactly is it that Buzzardball does that makes it different from other basketball camps?

* All-Star Rosters | By Tuesday of each camp week I have already divided the camp into four teams. Those teams are released via e-mail on Tuesday afternoon and formally announced on Wednesday morning. The teams use Wednesday as their preparation for the final two days of camp. It's a great day because the team gets to compete in preparation for the final two days of camp. The campers also get to sign up for individual competitions and finish the day off with some ALL-STAR scrimmages.

* All-Star Thursday | Our first day of competition starts off with two team competitions that include 4-3-2-1 and Around the World. We then break off into individual competitions that include FREE THROW, JUMP ROPE, HOW MANY, KNOCKOUT, BACK AND FORTH, 2-BALL, and the 3-POINT competition. These events are broken down based on grade level and the final points determine our ALL-STAR THURSDAY champion and help us seed the basketball tournament that takes place on ALL-STAR FRIDAY. All winners receive something from the Prize Table and get a priceless photo that goes on the BUZZARDBALL website.

* All-Star Friday | The final day is the best day. Each team has the opportunity to play two full basketball games. It's a 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 matchup. The games are broken down based on the ages of the kids with the younger kids playing against each other and the older kids playing against each other. The Overall Champion gets to take home the coveted BUZZARDBALL headband.

* YO-YO Yogurt | Each camper receives a FREE yogurt as part of the ALL-STAR FRIDAY activities.

* Social Media Day | At the end of camp on Thursday, each camper has an opportunity to take photos with members of the BUZZARDBALL Coaching Staff. Mom and Dad can post those photos on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #BUZZARDBALL

* Camp Photos | Each camper receives an individual and group photo as part of their registration. Photos take place on Tuesday and are ready to take home by Wednesday. In addition, campers receive sibling and friend photos at no cost. Great memories to have.

* Jersey Day | Every Wednesday, the campers get to wear their favorite jersey (basketball or other sport) to camp. Don't have a jersey? No problem, I have a whole bin full of jerseys for campers to choose from.

* Gatorade Giveaway | A proud tradition at Buzzardball. We even have a song to go along with it. Each morning, each age group of kids guess a number 1-100. The winner enjoys their own Gatorade. It's silly, but fun and the kids LOVE it!

* Camp Introductions | Each camper is announced over the loudspeaker on Day One of camp. Player introductions also take place on All-Star Friday before each game is played.

* All-Star Friday Broadcast | Using the awesome MIXLR app, the Championship Game on All-Star Friday is broadcasted (or podcasted) to the entire world to hear. Gives the game that professional feel.

* Fathead Giveaways | In Sessions 6-8, the NBA Player Fatheads that have been on the gym wall all summer are given away to lucky campers in a drawing. These are sessions you don't want to miss. (FATHEAD.COM)