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Steve Buzzard is entering his 24th year as director of Buzzardball's Summer Hoop Camp. In 1994, the camp was instituted as a summer program that featured a total of 30 kids over a four-week period. In 2018, Buzzardball finished with a record 470 participants from 79 different schools in the greater Sacramento area.

In the summer of 1996, the St. Michael's campus went under major construction. With permission, Buzzard took over sole ownership of the camp and moved it over to Arden Church of the Nazarene on Arden Way. This is where Buzzardball started to grow.

The camp then returned to St. Michael's in 2005 and has been there ever since.

His favorite part of Buzzardball are many, but here are a noted few:
1. His coaching staff!
2. All-Star Thursday and Friday
3. The hundreds of different characters that come through our doors each and every summer.
4. The headbands (there is a back story to this one)
5. The Picture Boards: they take time to do, but are always worth it when the coaches want to take a trip down memory lane.

MAX BUZZARD (8th Year) | Max will be entering his Senior Year of college when he attends Humboldt State in the fall ... Max has grown up in the world of Buzzardball. Started in Kindergarten and hasn’t missed a year yet. He has enjoyed success with a pair of JRNBA Championships as a 3rd and 8th Grader ... was a part of the P.A.L. Championship team with St. Ignatius in 2012 ... Big fan of the Oakland A's and the Oakland Raiders.

CADE JOHNSON (6th Year) | Cade will be a Sophomore at the University of Arizona ... Graduated from Rio Americano High School and St. Ignatius School in Sacramento ... 'lifer' at Buzzardball ... has played basketball all four years at Rio Americano HS. Cade has been a part of a Raiders team that won a league championship and went to the playoffs the past two years. ... spent many summers at Buzzardball as a camper and many winters playing in the JRNBA league. Cade, due to his lifetime status in Buzzardball is a member of the Buzzardball Hall of Fame.

NICK SMOLICH (5th Year) | Nick graduated from JESUIT High School and will be attending XXX in the fall. Hands down, there is nobody who has attended more summer camps and played in the winter league as much as Nick Smolich. The true lifer in every sense of the word. He's a Buzzardball Hall of Famer and after his days as a camper, it was an easy transition to become an assistant coach. 

RYAN BIGELOW (3rd Year) | Ryan will be a SENIOR at Jesuit High School. He currently plays Varsity Baseball for the Marauders. Like Cade, Ryan was a 'lifer' at Buzzardball as a camper. He also is a member of the Buzzardball Hall of Fame.

MILAN JAMES (2nd Year) | I am really excited to have Milan back on board as a coach. Milan is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and has served as a substitute teacher and coach at St. Michael's School (where I am the Athletic Director). She played golf collegiately and LOVES the game of basketball. Milan will be a welcome addition to the Buzzardball Staff.

DYLAN LILLIE (2nd Year) | Dylan is a graduate of El Camino High School and will be attending XXX in the fall. Lillie was the captain of the Eagles Varsity Basketball Team as a senior. Dylan volunteered last summer and like many others was once a camper during the summer as well as a member of the Winter League. Glad to have Dylan back on the staff

OTHERS EXPECTED IN 2019 (All the names you see are INDIVIDUALS who have attended Buzzardball at some point in their youth)  | VINCENT MICHELI | MICHAEL CHAMBERS | ZACHARY GONZALEZ | HUDSON MEYER | OLIVER BLACK